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Do you have an upcoming event? You want to revel a memorable moment with your friends & family, and you need an extra Indoor or outdoor space to entertain guests. So! Are you searching for Marquee hire in Liverpool? If so, you are in a proper location. we can be your first marquee choice in Liverpool, For your domestic or corporate events. Whether small Marquee Hire, Garden Marquee hire Party, Marquee Hire, or Wedding Marquee hire in Liverpool. we are the best party tent hire company in Liverpool. We have a team of highly skilled and intelligent professionals.

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We believe our high-quality service will make your event a memorable one. Our Marquee Liverpool team of professionals is firmly committed to tracing a party event lively and beautiful. We can say with great pride that we are usually careful and attentive to our work. These issues are primarily different between others than us.

Why would you Marquee hire from us?

With objectivity, honesty, and dedication, we have more than 10th years experience of walking with the Marquee hire service. You can discuss with us openly at your convenience. Marquee Liverpool provides you with a cheap marquee in Liverpool. We are keen to consider what you need, according to your plan. our promise to provide you with a modern luxury Marquee service in Liverpool. let’s see Our service! Marquee Hire, party tent hire, and Gazebo hire according to your schedule. this is the best Marquee Hire Company all over in Liverpool. We have a quote (“Function is yours, but our exceptional work will give you an unforgettable moment scene”). Which are will be immortalised in the pages of your life.

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Our Marquee Hire Liverpool Service

  • Birthday Parties hire Liverpool.
  • Garden Party hire Liverpool.
  • Cultural Event Hire Liverpool.
  • Religious Ceremonies hire Liverpool.
  • Wedding marquee Hire Liverpool.
  • Party tent hire Liverpool.
  • Corporate Party Hire Liverpool.
  • Gazebo Hire Liverpool.
  • Small Marquee Hire Liverpool.

We provide you with everything you want for your Party, Like As you can add to your Marquee: Dj Floor, Dance Floor, Heating, up-lighting. Etc.!

Our goal is to provide the Easiest solutions to outdoor events for Liverpool. Marquee Liverpool provide you with everything you want for your Party.

With your hospitality, we will be at your threshold. When the time you required. We are ready to make your best time more enjoyable and glorious. Take your best experience.


How long does it take to erect a marquee?

It’s not all about setting up and installing the marquee. It also depends on location, complexity, weather, size, internal decoration and lighting Etc… Usually, Small family programs and small parties are completed within one day, other than some largest events may take two or three days. It’s all about depending on your demand. We promise for a short time as much as possible.

How much space do you need for a marquee?

It’s not easy to predict how is your event. It’s all depends on your need. Usually, we can share some essential knowledge about a marquee space. A basic marquee for 100 standing guests should be around 9m x 15m if it includes a small bar or stage. To determine the area required for the bar – cask ales tend to require racks – or the stage, you’ll need to take account the needs for the staff to operate as well as any loading space.

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Are you searching for a Marquee? For your Corporate, Wedding, or Social event, So look no further than Marquee Hire Liverpool service. For a quotation or If you have any query please contact with us.

How much is it to hire a small marquee?

What size marquee do I need for 50 guests?

Marquee size Width x Length


Total hire price

6m x 6m (20' x 20')



6m x 9m (20' x 30')



6m x 12m (20' x 40')



6m x 15m (20' x 50')



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